The Strong Contenders

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Olando-James Bethel:
All Guitars, Lead and Background

Olaf Seidel:
Drums and Percussion.
Stefan Jacobs:
Justice Kweku:
Grand Piano, Organ and
     Vocals on „She's Coming Home"

All Music (GEMA)......50:05.09)
        NLBF Music (C) + (P) 2004

NLBF Music Ltd.
(pp) 2009

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The Post
This Song
Film Clip
The Friendly Skies
Such A Long Time
Now Is The Time
20 Seconds of Silence
She's Coming Home
Peace and Harmony

Sound Engineering by: Gerd Bluhm
Produced by: Olando-James Bethel
Mastered by: Gerd Bluhm

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Music Video:
"Film Clip and The Friendly Skies"

Music Video "This Song"

Music Video "The Post"

Live- Music Video "The Post"
and "Now is the Time"

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"The Strong Contenders" CD,

"The Art Of Contention"

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